Digital or Death: Digital Transformation

If I’d organized this list in the order I think you should read it this book would still have been first or second. Digital or Death isn’t so much a manual or guide as it is an introduction to the mindset required to incite digital transformation. The book is entertaining, motivational, and easy to digest. It relies heavily on real-life examples and a good dose of humor.

 If the sheer idea of “going digital” overwhelms you, reading Digital or Death(despite the title) will be a great way to ease the tension.

Digital or Death is the first book on the world of digital strategy that won’t bore you to sleep. It takes an entertaining, highly informative real world approach with enough information and energy to get you inspired to innovate. Dominic Mazzone is part digital guru, part comedian, part entrepreneurial titan.

He has the uncanny ability to get you thinking in a way you never have before, while creating the motivation you’ll need to succeed. If there was a book that could actually increase your drive and expand the creative part of your brain, this is the one. Here’s how Digital or Death will change the way you think: • What is Digital Transformation • How to avoid being part of the Digital Die-Off • The Four Pillars of Digital Transformation • How to make Wonder Theory work for you • How to smash your industry through Revolution Delivery • Why every business needs Dynamic Interaction • Make the Strawberry Model and the Christmas Effect part of your business

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